The License

Diagnostic Assistance Software is content protected with a hardware key and a software license to use it.

For Version 16, the license refresh is performed Free of Charge.

The license requires a periodic refresh (typically every 365 days).

This is so we can ensure your version is up-to date regarding maintenance and bug fixes.

When to refresh your license

You can check your license status by looking in the top right hand side of the Diagnostic Assistance screen as shown below:

DA License Countdown


The license can be refreshed up to 14 days in advance of its expiry date.

When the license has date has expired, and you haven’t refreshed it, you will see the error screen below upon starting the Diagnostic Assistance software:

 License Expires


To refresh the license, follow the following simple steps


Your license days count down over the period of a year. When the licence reaches ZERO days, you will need to refresh the licence.

When the license reaches ZERO days, you will see the error message above when you try to use the software.

When this happens follow step 2


Step 2 - Download the User Utility.

Click the icon above.

This will start the download of the license management tool.

This will commence a short download process of a small license utility file (404kb).

During the download process, your computer may display the message ‘Windows Protected Your PC’. If this happens, select MORE INFO and RUN ANYWAY.

Step 3 - Open the User Utility

License Tool

Locate the userutility file on you computer (usually located in the Downloads Folder on your computer).

Double click the logo to run the utility software.

This will enable the information from your license (the blue usb key) to be read.


Step 4 - Gather the license information.

Ensure that your Blue USB key is attached to your computer.

The Device Information tab will start a reading process. 

This will cause the data to be read from your license key. The following screen will be shown.

License Info Gathered

Click (2) to save this to information  your computer (in a location you easily can remember).

save the license

Type the word ‘license’ in the file name.

Once the file is saved, this will take you back to the License Information screen. 

Close the application down (press the X show at position 4).

Step 5 - Open up a support ticket.


Firstly click on tech support on this web page to open up a new ticket.



  Then either register (1) to create an account – or if you already have an account just sign in (2).





 Complete the sign up form.




Then login and create a new ticket.



This will open up the support ticket (see below).

IMPORTANT: Select the category License Refresh Request.

Next, fill out the Subject and the Description.

Then, attatch your license file to the request.

To do this, click Attach File

 This will open up your computers File Explorer (6).

Locate the license file you saved in STEP 4, and attach it to the support ticket, by clicking OPEN.

When you have successfully attached the license, you will see a green bar below (7) with the file name.

Then click ‘ I’m not a robot’ (8), and then ‘Submit’ (9).

When the ticket has been sucessfully submitted, you will see the following confirmation message.

You will also receive an email confirmation of the support ticket to the address which you used to register.

One of the team will generate your refreshed license and reply to your ticket. 

Please allow up to 48 hours (working days only) for a the license to be generated.

Step 6 - Enter your new license code.

You will receive a reply to your ticket and along with an email notification.

The ticket reply will contain the refresh license code (1).


 We suggest that you select (2) and copy (3) this code,  and then paste it back into the user utility tool.

Link here to learn how to copy and paste, if you’re not sure : HOW TO SELECT, COPY and PASTE


Make sure that you have the blue USB key plugged into your computer.

Next, open the user utility tool, highlight the ACTIVATION CODE box, by clicking inside it and then pasting (4) the refresh code (you may need to use the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl V’ to paste).

Then press Activate (5).

That’s it – you’re good to go.